Make Expertise Your Critical Currency

Make Expertise Your Critical Currency

Thought leadership is critical to achieving success and independence in just about every career and in every context. If you are a management consultant at a big firm, a solopreneur setting up shop or someone aspiring to shift into consulting, true expertise is the critical currency to make that happen.

My own thought leadership journey goes back more than a decade. Before I was elected a partner at The Cambridge Group, I realized that I needed more than a title to achieve the professional autonomy I sought. I needed to be an externally recognized thought leader. Since then, I’ve been blessed with a tremendous amount of advice from trusted mentors and innumerable, serendipitous opportunities.

Over the last decade, I’ve written over a hundred articles for the Harvard Business Review, and other publications. I published a book with Harvard Business Press that was praised by The Economist, Businessweek Bloomberg and Forbes and named the best marketing book of 2017 by Strategy + Business. I have spoken at premier podcasts like the HBR Idea Cast, appeared on TV on MSNBC and CNBC and have given keynote speeches at conferences around the world.

Every executive and leader can build thought leadership and expertise to advance their careers and achieve autonomy and pricing power. Let me speak to your company group to tell you how.

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