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Lessons Learned from Doubling 8 Businesses in <8 Years for >$8B in Sales

Growth is the top issue on every CEO’s agenda. Yet so few companies truly know how to grow. Most try to buy it via mergers and acquisition, though the majority of acquisitions fail to pay out. Others rely on classic share-stealing strategies that maybe work in the short term, but fail long term. Still others turn to innovation to grow, yet per Nielsen, 99 percent of innovations fail. And the vast majority of “innovation experts” have no first-hand experience in helping launch any successful innovations.

Across my two decades of growth strategy, I’ve had the honor of seeing 8 clients double or triple their revenues in 8 years or less, for a total of $8 billion. I’ve witnessed my clients launch $100 million and even $1 billion innovations.

In watching their bottom lines grow, I’ve observed some common themes that can inspire and teach anyone. These lessons are industry agnostic, as they span a wide variety of industries including food, beverages, personal care, media, consumer robotics, durables and financial services.

If your company or conference is interested in growing as my other clients have, then let me come speak to your group about these lessons learned.

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