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Hire a Great Storyteller as Your Next Keynote Speaker

Great speakers bring a healthy combination of expertise, education, and entertainment. My talks typically involve stories about superconsumers striving to improve their lives through surprising uses of products and services. Since everyone is a superconsumer of something, everyone in the audience can relate, enjoy and learn.

After Nielsen acquired The Cambridge Group (my prior consulting firm), I was frequently invited to Global Leadership Meetings, the annual meeting where Nielsen invites the top 200 leaders from around the world to a week of vision, strategy, and planning. I was also frequently asked to speak at the company’s premier client conference, Consumer 360, both in the U.S., Australia, and Asia. Through these experiences, I got to know the meeting planners, their objectives and their goals for conferences and how they evaluated the various speakers. The common theme that came back loud and clear was that the audience loved seeing and hearing directly from clients and about significant marketplace outcomes.

That’s why I am often asked to speak: I have an abundance of war stories and major client outcomes that the audience finds authentic, inspirational and educational. My talks are a great blend of education and entertainment that combine theory and thought leadership along with practical actions and real-world results.

Having spoken extensively as a keynote speaker, in podcasts, and on radio and television, I’m comfortable with any type of forum or media. I can talk credibly on any consumer-facing business and offer very practical advice that can be implemented tomorrow, but also provide growth strategy that has staying power for years.

Eddie’s Most Requested Speaking Topics

  • Make Expertise Your Critical Currency

    Thought leadership is critical to achieving success and independence in just about every career and in every context. If you are a management consultant at a big firm, a solopreneur setting up shop or someone aspiring to shift into consulting, true expertise is the critical currency to make that happen. Every executive and leader can build thought leadership and expertise to advance their careers and achieve autonomy and pricing power. Let me speak to your company group to tell you how. 

    enhance my expertise
  • Grow Sales 4x and Your Stock Price 6x. How? With a New Category

    Category creators — companies with a breakthrough product and business model innovations — grow their sales four times faster and their stock prices six times higher than comparable companies. Those that become “category kings” garner 76% of the total industry’s market capitalization. I will share eight specific ingredients and distinct recipes for becoming a category king. 

    become a category king
  • Superconsumers: What are They? How Do They Help You Spot and Ride 20-Year Trends?

    Superconsumers are the top 10% of consumers that drive 30% to 70% of category sales. Even more important — they drive category profit. They are the smartest and most strategically valuable consumers, whatever size your company. Identifying them is the best way to spot a great wave to ride or a huge risk to avoid. I will share with you five actions to take to make the most of your superconsumers.

    discover my superconsumer
  • Lessons Learned from Doubling 8 Businesses In <8 Years for >$8B in Sales

    Growth. It’s the top issue on every CEO’s agenda. Yet few companies truly know how to grow. In two decades of working on growth strategy, I’ve watched 8 clients double or triple their revenues in 8 years or less, for a total of $8 billion. And what I’ve learned is that there are a some common themes that can inspire anyone to grow.

    grow my business

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