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Predicting the Future

On June 11, 2019 I went on CNBC's Fast Money to make the case for why Tesla did not have a demand problem and that it was poised for a 20 year tailwind for growth. I noted how Tesla had created a new category of car, that did not require a compromise between function and fun which compelled highly rational Prius and Toyota owners to trade up. I wrote a piece in Barron's that Tesla 2019 reminded me of Netflix 2011, where both were believed to have a demand problem, but were in fact driving business model innovation and building an insurmountable data flywheel. This was not a popular point of view to say the least.

Since then, Tesla's stock has gone up exponentially since 2019 and is now the world's most valuable car company with a near trillion dollar market cap. But the real question is not whether or not Tesla will hit a trillion dollar valuation, but rather how many trillions of dollars will it be worth. This is because Tesla is not a car company. It's not just a tech company. It's not just an energy company. Tesla's end game is simply to "save the planet" from dirty energy generation, storage and transpiration. And if that doesn't work, Elon Musk has a plan B via SpaceX, which is "leave the planet" and colonize Mars. This is what a category creator with incredible superconsumers looks like. Traditional metrics for valuing category creators don't apply.

My calling in my work is to understand and articulate how to create new categories and to help missionary executives and investors bring forth a brave, new world.

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In Superconsumers, growth strategy expert Eddie Yoon lays out a simple but extremely effective framework that has helped companies of all types and sizes achieve more sustainable growth.

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About Eddie Yoon

Eddie Yoon is the founder of EddieWouldGrow, LLC, a think tank and advisory firm on growth strategy. Previously he was one of the senior partners at The Cambridge Group, a strategy consulting firm. His work over the past two decades has driven over $8 billion dollars of annual incremental revenue. In particular, 8 of his clients have doubled or tripled in revenue in less than 8 years. Eddie is one of the world’s leading experts on finding and monetizing superconsumers to grow and create new categories.

He is the author of the book, Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth (Harvard Business School Press, 2016). His book was named as one of the Best Business Books of 2017 by Strategy & Business. He is also the author of over 100 articles, including “Make Your Best Customers Even Better” (Harvard Business Review magazine, March 2014) and “Why It Pays to Be a Category Creator” (Harvard Business Review magazine, March 2013). Additionally, he has appeared on CNBC and MSNBC and been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Forbes and has been a keynote speaker in the U.S., Canada, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the UK and Japan. Eddie holds an AB in Political Science and Economics from the University of Chicago. Having been born and raised in Hawaii, he went to the Punahou School in Honolulu. Eddie lives in Chicago with his wife and three children.

About the Name “Eddie Would Grow”

The name “Eddie Would Grow” was inspired by the iconic saying “Eddie Would Go,” referring to the world-class waterman and big-wave surfer Eddie Aikau. It’s a statement about having the courage to pursue greatness and about Aikau’s inspiration to others. Eddie shares a similar worldview and hope to work primarily with clients who share the same values courage, generosity and the pursuit of greatness that embodied Eddie Aikau

To learn more about Eddie Aikau’s inspirational story, see the 30 for 30 film that ESPN did on his life and his legend.